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Essential Information

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What to Bring

  • Hard hats: recognised riding helmets are compulsory for everyone due to new insurance regulations, and we recommend investing in a good quality ventilated hat for your stay with us. You also may not be covered by your own insurance if you do not wear a hard hat.

  • Suitable riding gear. Jodhpurs or long trousers. Half chaps recommended.

  • Suitable riding footwear such as ride/run boots.

  • Alternative footwear such as sneakers or hiking boots for around the camp.

  • Neutral-coloured clothing (khaki, brown, beige and green) that blends in with the bush (no brightly coloured or white clothing).

  • Long sleeved shirts for riding

  • T-shirts and shorts for around the camp.

  • Warm clothing (for winter, May to August).

  • Waterproof raincoat (for summer, November to March).

  • Sun hat that stays on.

  • Swimming costume (bathing suit).

  • Head torch.

  • Camera, film, binoculars.

  • Reading material.

  • Sun block, lip balm, mosquito repellent.

  • Basic first aid kit with plasters (band-aids), painkillers and antihistamine.

  • Passport, travel itinerary, insurance details and medical information.