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Press Releases

"Échte safari doe je te paard - Op safari per jeep? Een paard brengt je letterlijk dichter bij het wild." - NRC.NL - October 2017

"In the land of Giants - The Tuli Safari" - Equilife - May 2016

"Through the Mashatu Reserve on horseback" - Africa Geographic - 16 May 2016

Having lions close to the stables put the horses totally on edge - Evening, August 2014

African Adventurers - Evening, February 2014

Limpopo Horse Safaris - Horse & Rider - March 2014

Ingrid Klimke und die Girls on Fire in Botswana - und es bleibt die Frage: was ist Schnatterwild und lässt es sich zähmen? - pferdesafaris Reisetagebuch

Global Yoga: Botswana - Oct 2013 - external website link

"The Baboons Knocked Over the Letters in the Dressage Court (or, Africa on Horseback)" - Dr. Ramey - - September 12, 2013

"Botswana Bound" - British Eventing Life - Jan / Feb 2013 - (0.2mb pdf file)

Into the African wilds: Saddling up for a safari with a difference in Botswana - The Mail Online - Dec 2012 (website link)

"On a riding high in Africa" - The Mail on Sunday - Dec 2012 - (1.2mb pdf file)

African Horse Sickness - Equine Health - Jan/Feb 2013 - (1.4mb pdf file)

Reitersafari in Botswana - Seelenfriede & Nervenkitzel in der Steppe - (3.9mb pdf file)

First Aid - British Eventing Life, Nov/Dec 2012 - (1.1mb pdf file)

The Circle of Life;

"Greetings from Botswana" - Practical Horseman magazine November 2011 - (3mb pdf file)

Von Trommeln & Trompetten: Reit Safari in Afrika 09/2011 - (1.7mb pdf file)

Projekt: Reitsafari, Teil eins: 21/03/2011 - (22kb pdf file)

Botswana Tuli Reitsafari: St Georg - 27/05/2011 - (3.3mb pdf file)

Take a ride on the wild side - Safari on horseback the ultimate riding holiday - (1.6mb pdf file)

Afrique du Sud et Botswana debutants' abstenir - (0.5mb pdf file)

Zu pferd durch Sud Afrika und Botswana - (5mb pdf file)

African Horse Safari, Part 5: Hidden in the Trees

African Horse Safari, Part 4: The Elephant in My Living Room

Botswana Horse Safari Part 3

Into the Wild... Safari on horseback through Botswana and South Africa - Panorama May 2010 - (30kb pdf file)

In het wilde weg... Mylene in Botswana en Zuid-Afrika - Panorama Mei 2010 - (1.1mb pdf file)

Have horse will travel - Elle Travel - (2.5mb pdf file)

Riding in the land of the giants - HQ goes along on the Two Mashatus Safari - (0.5Mb pdf file)

Travel without kids - Sunday Times Magazine - (2.6Mb pdf file)

Abenteuer im sattel... eine faszinierende Verbindung von Reiten und Abenteuer - (1.8MB pdf file)

Pferdesafari in Botswana - Im land der Giganten - (1.1MB pdf file)

Sur La terre des Géants - Juste enjoy the ride - (1.1MB pdf file)

Baobabs and Lightning - Horse and Hound - (840KB pdf file)

Mercado Em Alto - Revista Horse - (892KB pdf file)

Sleepless in Botswana - The Irish Field - (305KB pdf file)

A ride on the wild side - Horse magazine - (287KB pdf file)

Mit den pfherden durch Botswana - Sony - (159KB pdf file)