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The Horses

The horses have been individually selected for their temperament and ride-ability. They have been carefully chosen from the various South African breeds, which are well known for being of a tougher nature - able to cope under extreme conditions. These breeds include the Boerperd, Shire Cross Thoroughbreds, Appalosas, and the S.A. Warmblood. They range in size from 14.3h.h to 17 h.h.

Limpopo Horse Safaris prides itself on horses that have been selected with the same stringent criteria as those selected for eventing and other equine competitive sports. Our schooling concentrates on classical English style, although they neck rein when in the bush. They are schooled to a very high level and respond easily and lightly to the aids. We use good quality, comfortable English saddles with saddlebags including  water bottles and have a few Australian stock saddles available for those who prefer.