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Cat May 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed every ride - the horses were impeccably behaved. The variety of terrain, the descending down the steep river banks, the windy long canters with the occasional "DITCH!" from West! I do not have enough positives to say about West and Tipps. In West you have a gentle, calm man who makes you feel incredibly safe, and you knew was in control the whole entire time. His knowledge of the reserve has absolutely no boundaries. In Tipps you have an incredible backup guide - constantly looking out for all of us, making sure we all stayed closely together and doing it all with the biggest smile on his face.

To canter with a herd of giraffe on our first ride was nothing short of special and I felt very emotional. To then do it again on our final ride with some zebra thrown in was even more emotional. And of course I have to mention the tracking of leopard from horse back - absolute credit to both guides. I didn't feel nervous at all because they both had full control of the situation. Both incredible memories to treasure and I feel emotional just thinking about it now. I'll be back for Tuli!

Heather Apr 2016

I had high expectations of this trip and they were justified. Super holiday all counts - excellent horses, well schooled and everyone was well matched. The guides were fantastic, and we felt very safe with them while not compromising on our riding. Food, accommodation, sun-downers etc all super.

Ingunn Apr 2016

What a fantastic holiday!! Such great and well trained horses and scenery (I rode the smaller General - he was a good match). So nice with the canters that we could spread out - lots of fun. David and Mmushi were the guides who were great as well! And the camping made it even more authentic and more into the real Africa. The food made just on fire was very nice and much better than I could imagine before I went. Everything was just MAGIC.

Elisabeth Apr 2016

I have simply not experienced that many well trained horses during a riding trail before. Very exotic to ride in a remote and wildlife setting in a beautiful variable terrain. The guides were very professional, knowledgeable and responsible. All the animals, canters and the fast gallops were extraordinary satisfying and memorable. It will always stay as an unforgettable adventure experience.

Laura Sep 2015

We arrived back home on Tuesday, and I'm still speechless about our trip. It has been an experience of a lifetime. Our guides, David and Tsaone were wonderful, they showed a great knowledge of the area, the game, and the plants, and really took care of us, avoiding close encounters with dangerous game. Their ability to spot animals is amazing. And the rest of the staff was also fantastic, especially the ladies that prepared the meals. The journeys were all different one from each other, becoming pretty challenging at some points, and with long and fast canters sometimes, but we always felt safe and really enjoyed the rides. And about the horses....what can I say. I happened to ride three during the week, as the mare I was riding went lame a few days after departing from the base camp...and wow, those are the best schooled horses I have ever ridden.

Jane May 2015

Just a quick mesage to say that Flick and I had the time of our lives doing the Tuli Trail. We loved every moment - were wonderfully looked after by the nicest of people, saw magnificent wild-life and scenery, rode great horses, ate large amounts of splendid food and were as happy as could be. And all the travel arrangements worker perfectly and we got home at lunchtime today. A brilliant experience!!

Ann Apr 2015

My dream for this holiday was to canter with the giraffes and I did this twice. We saw so many different animals (including babies and wild cats). Everyone treated us as VIP's and there was nothing that they couldn't do for us. The guides, cooks and grooms were so amazing, helpful and knowledgeable. I had great expectations of this holiday and not only was they met but they were exceeded again and again.

January 2015

I'm so sorry it has taken so long to write but we have been so busy since we got back. We had such a fabulous time on safari, it was a holiday of a lifetime. Everything was just so perfect. I know also we asked for some flexibility and that was kindly accepted without any hesitation.

Our group actually went through a bit of a grieving phase when we got back, we all left a piece of our hearts in Africa! We have been on holidays before, specifically to ride, in Poland, Hungary, Ireland, North and South America and this trip far exceeded anything like we had experienced before. The horses were superb and the staff were so thoughtful and met every possible need we had.

We think about the holiday often and we are so thankful for your support and advice in helping us get there :)

Huber - UK

October 2014

Wow! Limpopo Horse Safaris has been the holiday of a life time. Amazing country to ride in, beautiful and wild wildlife to observe. Each camp was unique and special in its own way. The food was super and the horses and staff are worth their weight in gold and then some. Thank you to all who have made this experience a lifetime memory.

Jake Fowles eventer - UK

September 2014

My 3rd time here and 2nd Tuli. Had an amazing week, West and the team looked after us so well. Loved every minute-elephant charge and all! Dulax is a fabulous horse and I'll have to come back before he gets promoted to lead horse!

Kim Lomax - UK

August 2014

A magical holiday full of special moments. Thank you to the wonderful horses and staff to make such amazing memories for us to take back home.

Alice Huber - UK

July 2014

We loved our week on horse safari. David was the perfect guide and Tsaone making sure we were safe. Paul looked after all our needs at the bar and Martha cooked the best food ever. And Queenie looked after us as well as offering great massages. All was perfectly organised and we loved every single minute of sheer happiness!!

GeertKoops and Sue Hall - Netherlands

June 2014

To the entire team that contributed to this wonderful experience, thank you for the best week of my life! What an amazing trip, combining the two things that I love, horses and wildlife. David, Tsaone and Paul will be missed dearly! And finally to my horse Monate I Love you!

Bianca Farmas - Griffith USA

March 2013

Limpopo Lodge safari plus staying on for a couple of days for Charlie (Lane) to teach the staff. Had the most fantastic time, saw so much game-lions, cheetahs, hundreds of elephants. The most wonderful experience & thoroughly enjoyed the teaching afterwards. Mpho and West fabulous on safari, endless source of knowledge & humour. Mercury and Ajax perfect.

Thank you so much - Jo and Charlie Lane - UK

February 2013

Thank you so much to everyone for a fabulous week. Our horses were fabulous and to see so much care and horsemanship from everyone made it so much more enjoyable for us. The guides David and Tsaone were wonderful. David showed us some fantastic wildlife and it was a privilege to see it from horseback. Well done to you all for giving us a magical african experience.

Bridget and James Walker - Australia

November 2012, October 2011, March 2007

I want to say as a former international event rider, George and I have never ridden such beautifully schooled, happy , obedient safe horses . They were an absolute pleasure from walking peacefully & quietly through the bush after a hard long gallop , to having a few cross country jumps which they did confidently and stylishly .

All in all it was the best 4 days, incredible food, cooked in a steel pot over a fire by lovely smiley staff, great company and limitless alcohol !!!

Thanks so much to you all - Lizzie Purbrick - UK

November 2012

Been meaning to write since I got back to say how much I absolutely loved my first ever horse safari. Really I couldn't stop thinking about it when I returned home, and I still think about it a lot. If you love riding, and the bush, you can't really go wrong doing a horse safari. Of course the fact that your horses are really wonderful is a big help. I told my husband all about it and showed him my pictures and he is very keen to do the fly camp ride. He rides well-used to be in the mounted section during our war .

How is dear General? Please give him a pat from me. Everyone who has seen the pics thinks he is gorgeous

Best wishes - Jackie Connor Zambia

I can never thank you all enough for the incredible holiday I've just had. I had a tiny fear in my heart that it wouldn't live up to the amazing time I'd had last time, I needn't have worried, it was so fabulous, everything, you turn peoples holidays into holidays of a lifetime by making each person feel individually special. West has become such a confident, clever, and informative guide, so in tune with his surroundings, a lovely man and such a perfect host! (and so tactful with a very lively bunch of guests! ) Mpho is a great back up, great fun and is becoming a great horseman, I'm looking forward to meeting up with him in the UK and will be there to cheer him on if he competes BE. Please tell everyone involved in looking after me how much I appreciated their care.

I'm still delighted how brilliant your horses are, your habit of re-schooling them regularly obviously pays off. Rascal, after so many years of being ridden by so many different guests is still a delightful, and responsive ride, while Calvarro, at the beginning of his career shows such maturity and I'm sure will become a great favourite with everyone.

I'm looking forward to being able to visit again one day - Much love from Barbara xxx

October 2012

This was truly a fantastic experience, amazing wildlife, lovely horses, great hospitality and a clever blend of wild camping with all the comfort you need.

A beautiful place, Thank you. - Laura and Jonathan Chapman - UK

October 2012

Thank you for being so accommodating in every way, especially with my non rider mum along. Your horses are a dream to ride and your guides are wonderful gentlemen plus comedians! I got to live a lifelong dream ..

Lauren Dallas Sorel- Canada Hidden Trails agent

September 2012

Thank you for an amazing time, fab horses, fab food, fabulous experience...

Simply the best! - Tessa Henwood - UK

April 2012

Lovely team. Kate, David and Mmushi. So many laughs! Only a little bit worried the first night when elephants came through but the snoring distracted us! The constant singing was one of the many highlights. Meals always excellent and the horses were perfect! Oliver Twist and Calvaro! - Louise Kekwick (UK) and Virginie (FRANCE)

A lifelong dream has been to be in Botswana riding on safari. A ticket was booked! Limpopo valley is the most magical and breathtaking place in every way. I spent four nights on the Two Mashutus ride. Amazing company, well schooled horses and riding for miles and miles in the African bush. To see 50 elephants and many giraffes on my first ride from horseback has to be the most memorable. David is a very knowledgeable guide with a great sense of humor. He had a lot of patience with 3 women who were in fits of laughter most of the time. The laughter seemed to be quite catching! Never laughed so much in four days! We all saw a pod of hippos swimming, crocodiles sleeping, a journey of giraffes, hyenas, and a huge number of elephants. I rode a young horse, Dancer who was fantastic. Wonderful long canters over much different terrain. I am already longing to go on safari again! - Kate Barrow volunteer (UK)

Had a wonderful safari here-absolutely one of the best riding trips I have been on, loved every minute.West and Mmushi were brilliant guides and Big John was perfect. Hope to come back to this beautiful place one day.. - Laura Mellville UK

Thank you.Thank you.Thank you. Loved every breath of Botswana. A real dream come true. I ll never forget this experience.West and Mpho really made this a special holiday. The food and accommodation were amazing and most of all I totally fell in love with my amazing horse Bantu. There will always be a special place in my heart for Botswana.. - Heather Moncrieffe Uk

Ajax did know what he was being let in for with another return guest. But he was a star again, perfectly matched for the second time. We were guided fantastically with a great group, loads of cantering, game spotting and eating, eating, eating. Thank you Cor for an amazing week. A true african experience including the siesta! Sure I'll be back. - Southerly Roberts Uk

March 2012

My second visit now and I am still blown away by the country, people and amazing adventure on the most fabulous horses. West lead us on a great adventure which will always be in my memory.. - Lisa Coleman UK

Very unique experience, becoming one with nature, perfect setting, atmosphere and company. It's been a dream to start our lives together here. - Honeymooners Steve Coppen and Greet Van Rossen-Belgium

What a terrific, wonderful and magical place. A true adventure only possible with the expert guide David and the love and care of Cor and Louise. I was very impressed coming to the stable. Excellent cared for horses. Cor and David- Follow your dreams, keep up the good work and hopefully I will see you all soon! - Patrick Loon (USA)

Guys, I have not enough space to express what a wonderful week in such a beautiful location and with such wonderful and kind people. We saw everything except hippos. The rides were varied and peaceful. Albany is so honest and perfect. Great partner for the week. I will be back. A special thanks for West and Mpho for being exceptional in every way. They made our trip absolutely perfect!
Thank you for everything. - Connie Loon (FRANCE)

November 2011

As I write this note at the end of our four day safari ride, I look at my "Botswana Manicure" and think of all the fun and exciting times we have shared together. What happens when you place 3 Swedes, 1 Norwegian, 1 American and 1 Canadian into the Botswana bush? You get a lifetime of precious memories great and small; challenges, lessons and hours of laughter all experienced in 4 glorious days. A special thanks to West for taking such great care of us all and sharing in our laughter and joy. Your kind nature and infinite patience with crazy women in the bush have made you a lifelong friend.

I have come back for the third time! Lancelot was a dream! Thank you all. - Anthony (UK)

A great experience, everything was excellent. The horses, guides, food and accommodation. We were very privileged to see the big cats; lions, cheetahs and leopard. Thank you all so much for such a fantastic time! - Doris Miller (Germany)

October 2011

No matter what expectations you have before you arrive- everything is exceeded. Botswana has stolen a little bit of my heart! The horses are wonderful guides. West and Mmushi did a fantastic job in sharing this wonderful country. The tents and showers did the job well. All the back up staff made life very easy. Best riding holiday ever. Love to you all - Wendy Mcmorris (UK)

March 2011

Thank you so very much for a fabulous time. Horses and riders were matched perfectly. The country is so beautiful and riding so sporty and fun. My cheeks hurt from smiling! - Susan Mccconnell